How do I report on Tickets or Ticket Actions?

To get you started there are two reports for tickets. The first is called Ticket Summary which reports on tickets as a whole. The second is called Ticket Action Summary which actually breaks down the tickets into actions so you can see how many minutes have been added per technician over a period of time.

How can I sort and filter the results in Emsada?

Sorting Sorting grids is the same as many applications. Simply click the heading of the column you want to sort by. Once sorted there will be a small arrow indicating the sort order. Once sorted to clear the sorting right-click the column that is sorted and click Clear Sorting. Default Sorting Most grids will populate

What do the different Emsada roles give you access to?

Below is a list of roles and what they give the staff member access to: Administrator Full access Technical Manager Same permissions as the Technical role plus: Download agent config Edit the AD Sync list Edit Agent Groups Technical Same permissions as the Ticket User role plus: Agents Access to agent details i.e. the agent

How do you reconnect a previously failed machine to Emsada?

If for example a PC or server fails due to Windows or Linux being corrupt, you may want to reinstall the OS on the PC or server. When you install the Emsada agent on the newly installed OS it will not connect as the Emsada server will detect that it is a duplicate machine attempting

When an agent is deployed can it go into the correct group automatically?

When a new agent is deployed Emsada can detect the external IP address of the agent. If this is a common IP address e.g. a customer site then this can be used to automatically move the agent into the correct group. Each group can be assigned more than one IP address so if you require

Agent Commands

The Emsada Console has the ability to connect to an agents command prompt, PowerShell, SSH (PuTTY) or WinSCP Windows For the command prompt or PowerShell simply open the agent by double clicking it then click the Command Prompt or PowerShell tab and press Enter. You can now send the agent commands. The agent is configured

System Requirements

Console System Requirements Operating Systems Windows 7 with SP1 or higher Vista or below is not supported Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1 or higher Windows 2008 or below is not supported Software .Net 4.7 or higher (if this is missing the agent installer will download and install .Net 4.8 but internet access will be

How do I automatically deploy the Emsada Agent?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qjk2LMP9z6UOnce an agent is installed on a PC or server it is possible for that agent to deploy itself to other computers on the same network if Active Directory is installed.Allow WMI through the Windows Firewall To deploy agents the machines need to allow WMI in from the machine that is deploying the installer. Please

VNC disconnects when logging off Windows 7

This is a known issue and something we are looking at. If you experience this please close the VNC window and try connecting to VNC again.

VNC is not available for Windows Core Servers, why?

Currently VNC cannot submit a Ctrl+Alt+Del to Windows Servers without a GUI. As a result Emsada will not allow you to try but there is no doubt this will be added in an update. As an alternative the RDP connection works without issues.

A staff member has been given permission to a calendar, why can’t they see it?

There are a few possible reasons the staff member cannot see the calendar. The first is that when a permission change is made they will need to restart the Emsada Console for it to take effect The second is that the staff member will need to navigate to the Calendar tab and select the resource

When Emsada loads my previous opened tickets why is the tooltip “Ticket”?

To speed up the loading of Emsada Console at startup the ticket tabs that are loaded are added as tabs but not fully loaded. Once the ticket tab is clicked the ticket will load and the tooltip of the tab will then be the Customer Name, Ticket No. and Subject.

Can I Change a Ticket Logged Date?

Yes. When opening a ticket you are free to edit the ticket details after clicking the Edit Ticket button in the Ribbon. There is however another date field stored against the ticket which cannot be changed. This date field can be viewed in the ticket list by right clicking a column header, select Show Column

How does the SLA Progress Bar work?

The SLA Progress Bar calculates the percentage of time between the ticket logged date and the target time. It does not take into consideration working hours. This means if the ticket target time is within your configured working hours it will move faster than if the ticket target time carry’s over to the next working

Getting Started

Welcome to the Emsada Console. Here are a few tips to get you started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IivyX5hPu2E Navigation The main menu on the left will open up a new tab in the center of the console. You can switch between the tabs and notice there is asmall down arrow on the right-hand side of the tab area.


Create a Ticket Once you have a customer / department setup you can start creating tickets straight away. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBSYzHeAdqs There are currently three ways to create a ticket from the Emsada Console. They are the Create New Ticket button in the Main Menu on the left, the New Ticket button at the very top left