When an agent is deployed can it go into the correct group automatically?

When a new agent is deployed Emsada can detect the external IP address of the agent. If this is a common IP address e.g. a customer site then this can be used to automatically move the agent into the correct group.

Each group can be assigned more than one IP address so if you require a group to contain two sites this is possible.

To assign IP addresses to a group do the following:

  • Navigate to the Agent pane on the right-hand side
  • Right-click the group you want the agents to automatically go into and click Edit Group
  • Fill in Agent External IP Address(es) with either a single external IP address or multiple separated by a semi-colon
    • The IP address rule is a contains match so it is possible to add a partial IP address e.g. 123.234.354.

After clicking Save any new agents that connect to Emsada with the specified external IP address will enter the group automatically.

Please Note

If external IP address rules conflict Emsada will find the first group that matches the rule