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Find tickets quickly. Use the powerful filter or search ticket text or even ticket actions.
Linking a ticket to an agent makes it incredibly quick and easy to access the correct machine for remote support.
Configure the response time per customer. Tickets assigned to that customer will automatically be assigned an SLA.
Report on tickets and view average response times. Also report on ticket actions and view total time per staff member.
Add extra ticket types, statuses, severities and action types.

Seamlessly add ticket reminders


Configure policies for different agent groups.
Get alerts for specific events such as disk failures, backup failures, UPS errors and more.
Alert if a service has failed or even configure Emsada to restart the service on failure. You can also request Emsada to disable certain services if you do not want them running.
Get alerts or trigger a particular script if an agent starts to run low on disk space.
Ensure your agents have up to date DATs.
Add http or https checks and Emsada will make sure your site isn’t just responding but actually responding with success. As a result this catches issues such as 404 errors.


Automatically gather operating system and hardware information.
Easily send remote commands to an agent without interrupting the end-user.
The Emsada agent can install VNC automatically and then at a click of a button you can be connected over a secure connection.
You and your client could be on opposite sides of the world, Emsada will continue as normal.
From the agent screen you can view the Windows Event Log, Windows Services and running tasks.
View current and past performance of an agent. This includes CPU, memory, disk and storage space history.