Agent Commands

The Emsada Console has the ability to connect to an agents command prompt, PowerShell, SSH (PuTTY) or WinSCP


For the command prompt or PowerShell simply open the agent by double clicking it then click the Command Prompt or PowerShell tab and press Enter. You can now send the agent commands.

The agent is configured to feedback all command outputs

For some commands e.g. a silent install you are likely to get more information back than if you ran the command on the machine it self.

It is possible to use the SSH (PuTTY) feature with Windows but the minimum versions supported are Windows 10 1809 or Windows Server 2019. You can add the feature by doing the following:

  1. On the target computer click Start, Settings, Apps
  2. Click Optional Features, Add a feature
  3. Scroll down and click OpenSSH Server then click Install
  4. After this has been installed you can click PuTTY on the Emsada Console to SSH to the agent without having to expose port 22

Although to install OpenSSH as a feature you need a minimum of Windows 10 1809 or Windows Server 2019, Emsada doesn’t require this exact version. If you run your own instance of an SSH server on port 22 there is no need to install the feature and it would work on any Windows version.

Please be very careful if you setup your own SSH server. If it is not done correctly you could create an unnecessary security risk.


Most Linux distributions enable SSH on port 22 by default.

To make use of this from the Emsada Console simply select or open an agent and click PuTTY. You will be securely connected to the Linux machine and will be prompted for the username and password.

If you wish to transfer files instead of sending commands then after selecting the Linux agent click the WinSCP button and you will be connected to the file system.