How do I synchronise Emsada contacts with Active Directory?

Emsada allows you to synchronise Active Directory with Emsada contacts. For example you may want to synchronise your customers Active Directory with Emsada contacts. This is useful for example when logging a ticket and you want to assign a contact to the ticket.

The first step is to make sure the customers Active Directory server has a valid certificate for LDAPS to work. Please follow How do you enable LDAPS on Domain Contoller? to setup LDAPS.

Once LDAPS has been setup, configure the synchronisation by do the following:

  1. Create a user on the Active Directory server (a standard user is recommended)
  2. Navigate to Customers in the Main Menu and open the customer that has the Active Directory server ready for the LDAPS connection
  3. Click the AD Synchronisation tab
  4. In the Server field add the server name that is on the certificate followed by :636 e.g.
  5. In the Base Entry field add the path to the OU that you want to sync with e.g. OU=Users,DC=domain,DC=local or to target the whole of AD use DC=domain,DC=local
    • DC=domain,DC=local is assuming the domain your machines are a member of is domain.local. This needs to be changed for your customers environment
  6. In the AD Username and AD Password fields add the information of the user that was created in step 1.
  7. Select the Enabled checkbox and click Save

Emsada will now keep the contacts up to date with a short delay.

Please allow at least 10 minutes for the synchronisation to start working.