Can you import contacts into Emsada?

The Emsada Console allows you to import contacts into a Customer record from a csv file. The CSV file is required to have the following headings in the following order: Company, FirstName, Surname, Telephone, Mobile, Email, Description, AltTelephone (Optional) Once you have prepared your CSV file please do the following: Open the Emsada Console and […]

How do I synchronise Emsada contacts with Active Directory?

Emsada allows you to synchronise Active Directory with Emsada contacts. For example you may want to synchronise your customers Active Directory with Emsada contacts. This is useful for example when logging a ticket and you want to assign a contact to the ticket. The first step is to make sure the customers Active Directory server […]

How do you enable LDAPS on Domain Contoller?

Emsada can synchronise Active Directory accounts with contacts in the Emsada console. This can be used to sync with your customers or departments Active Directory servers. The LDAPS protocol is secure but has some requirements. The first is that a valid certificate is imported into the Active Directory Domain Services certificate store. To import your […]

How do I configure Group Policy to allow agent deployment?

If the machines you wish to deploy to have the Windows Firewall enabled you need to allow WMI by doing the following: Create a new or edit an existing Group Policy Navigate to Computer Configuration –> Policies –> Windows Settings –> Security Settings –> Windows Firewall with Advanced Security / Windows Defender with Advanced Security […]